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Flagstaff in Summer, Not Bad at All

When it comes down to it most places are hot and rather uncomfortable in August. We've been searching out the few exceptions in our region including Flagstaff, Az. We loved Flatstaff's casual and easy going culture, active street life, and unpretentious life style of getting outside, listening to live folk music and eating. One of Flag's built in treasures is Buffalo park. These photos were taken on a hike quite a bit north of it, on a trail that could be reached by hiking through.

I'm sure glad we fixed our own washing machine last week. While in Flagstaff I kept thinking, I could have paid someone to fix that machine, bought a new one or I could spend my money at great restaurants in Flagstaff which is much more fun! Our favorite three were: Pizzicletta for moderately priced thin crust sliced pizza, Diablo Burger for a seriously local and organic burger paired with local wine in generous portions, and Tinderbox for pricey creative fine dining that's worth every nickel.

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