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Bullseye on Broadway

My buddy Garrison Buxton came through town this week. To celebrate I secured a wall for a new mural. The building is our local yoga studio which also hosts all variety of body arts, a natural health clinic, and educational events. It is a real community space. I let the community know about the mural and invited everyone to join in on its making. Over the past two days many came by to visit, provide treats, deliver pizza, cheer lead and of course paint. Kids and grown up's alike threw down come color on what will surely be a big and bright addition to Broadway. Local muralist Mary Kinninger Walker put in some serious time in spite of her being in the middle of another mural project and muralist Jia Apple supplied paint, ladders and love! Thanks to all including Sid Bryan and Wendy Sager Evanson for the paint and lovely space.

I'll post a full finished shot after some final touches tomorrow.

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