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Sufi Retreat in Monticello NM Led by Wendy - One Spot Left!!

"the one whose desire is not fulfilled did not know how to desire." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Once each year I lead a group of less than a dozen people on a special three day retreat that is modeled in the tradition of Sufism. This year's retreat will be held in the picturesque village of Monticello, NM (population 25) on the OHM lavender farm. The land is sprawling and vast inviting walks in pristine nature and quiet moments in exceptionally beautiful settings from patios to nooks that peek out onto fields of lavender. 

Why retreat? In the Sufi view all knowledge can be obtained from within. Because our acculturated life is not in the rhythm of the soul, retreat uses the practices of contemplation, meditation and silence to point to something living within us. The reward for going within is understanding, the discovery of inner wisdom and peace. 

This desert retreat is an opportunity to charge a promise, make a wish, let go of something, ask a deep question, usher in the new, make ready for change, and process what has been. 

If this speaks to your soul send me an email, there is exactly one spot left! 

If your on Facebook, the details can be found here. Here's the short of it... 

Sufi Silent Retreat Led By Wendy Jehanara Tremayne

January 30, 31, Feb 1

Monticello, New Mexico

$150 retreat fee plus housing $30 per night 

Each retretant is responsible for their own food, each casita has a wonderful kitchen! 

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