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Lets Just Call These Trash Bin Macaroons

The other day I posted a new use for almond pulp, the waste product from making almond milk that I used to make dehydrated raw macaroons. Today I modified the recipe in an effort to take the kitchen trash concept further. Instead of using raw coconut, I used coconut mash, also a left over but  from making coconut milk. Ordinarily I'd throw this away just like the almond pulp. Two these two waste materials I simply added about 1/2 cup of maple syrup. They take about four hours to dry out in a standard dehydrator on 115 degrees.

There is a noticeable compromise to texture and taste in this version of the recipe. The "used" coconut pulp has reduced sweetness and made the texture is a bit fiber heavy, but it's still quite tasty and well you can't debate that it is an excellent salvage of materials.

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