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Perfectly Imperfect Pillows

I love sitting on the floor and snooching up to a big table. Often I work all day around the living coffee table. Pillows are key to floor comfort and best in a variety of shapes or sizes. Some pillows are ideal for getting your bum off the ground, think yoga, a tilted pelvis, long spine, crossed legs - ideally Buddhist style meditation cushion which is firm and at least 6" high. Long overstuffed pillows are great for lifting the knees and thighs off the ground, or for lumbar breaks. Other cushions act as wedges between bone and hard surfaces like table legs. Of course it is critically important that all the pillows fit perfectly under the coffee table. Viola!

My endless need for pillows fits well with my need for a palette cleanser between projects. Today for example... I ran 6 miles, did some web research for a conference call, had the conference call, and the day was young but much of my mental energy had been spent. These are the ideal conditions for sewing pillows! After sewing it is as though someone has shaken an etch-a-sketch in my mind and I am ready to start something new.

The great thing about making your own pillows is the matching that comes out of it. I'm a hack at sewing and my pillows always show flaws, but they match. And they don't just match one another, they match the curtains too. Here's a view of my sitting pit and all the pillows I've made so far. Today's additions are the buddhist style round pillow (the middle fabric is not so round, whoops!) and the couch pillow - a cover that I made from a lovely piece of loomed fabric that I believe is Native American which I got at a yard sale. It now covers a yummy, big, square down pillow. Oh yeah, you gotta have a few down filled pillows. Unlike the rest these always contort to what you need them to do, ideally they're for head resting and best placed on the couch. So there you have it, I think way too much about pillows. Thank goodness!

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