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Resolutions for 2015

I have been thinking about, and talking with friends about new year resolutions. I don't always make them but this year it felt right to do so. I made three that are inner wishes, things that I believe that I have direct control over, and one that may seem outside of me, but having contemplated it a bit I realize that I may have more 'control' than I had originally imagined.

Inner Resolutions

1) To learn what needs to change about my behavior (and then change it) so that I won't feel taken for granted

2) To focus on the positive attributes of others (rather than feeling frustration over their weaknesses). To remember that another person is just me in different circumstances.

3) To run 50 miles

The fourth, which may seem out of my control is,

4) To see white collar crime prosecuted

Oddly, shortly after making this resolution, today it was announced that former VA gov is being sentenced to two years in jail for illegal behavior. So why is this on my resolution list if I don't have direct control over it? The answer is so that I will look for every opportunity that comes my way to do what I can do given my limitations. It starts with this post. I can be a squeaky wheel by blogging, and posting news clips to Twitter and Facebook. Also, I chose only one "world issue," because I feel that it gives me the greatest chance of success. If I had a long laundry list of things I wished to see changed I might get nothing done about any of them. But by choosing one, I think I can have a little bit of an impact. We'll see. What I have already noticed is that by choosing something outside of my inner world, I have already realized that I have more power than I had originally thought.

What one outside (of yourself) issue would you choose to stand for in 2015? How would it look to stand for it?

- Wendy

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