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Open For Bee'isness (Almost)

We miss our bees! Two years ago the hive died. We think it was either a weak queen that the hive did not replace for some reason, or that they died from having been moved to a location that did not give them enough heat.

This week the bees have been out and about buzzing all over my yard. All the patterns are appearing that lead to a swarm. Every early spring we are visited by one, and this year we intend to catch it. But first we're putting out the hive next to a tree that's already covered in bees to see if the hive will split off and make a queen for our empty nest. Of course if both of these ideas fail, there's always the internet.

Today we scraped clean our hive and gear and we set it up in a new location that we think they'll dig. We're just waiting on our brood chamber and cap, which we loaned out last spring when some friends had an epic and sudden swarm that wanted to catch.

Looking forward to the end of empty hive syndrome. Bees are the best!

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