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Home Sweet Honda 35 Square Feet

Mikey and I bought a used Honda Element, our summer home on the road. We're hardly the first to choose this vehicle to live in. It has great features like suicide doors and back seats that come out and transform it into a van. A platform bed modification and some clever organizational tricks like cargo netting on the ceiling, make this a ready-to-go home on wheels. It has a pretty decent 25 mpg and inconspicuous image making stealth camping possible.

Our goals this summer include running two web based businesses from our Honda while living by streams and mountains, in redwood forests and by the sequoia. I've given myself writing projects like longer and more contemplative posts to this blog, two e-courses I hope to finish writing and I've taken on some freelance marketing work. Mikey will be managing his kit and electronics biz from a laptop.

The modifications on the vehicle have already started. First we spent about $800 on maintenance, things like a new battery, breaks, spark plugs, fluids and and oil change, and we had a friend detail it (see pic). When he was finished you can hardly tell this baby's a 2003 with 160k miles on it.

Today I made custom mylar window covers to block sun and heat and I ordered no-see-um mosquito netting that I will use to make custom window screens to keep bugs out and air flow in. Tomorrow we begin to construct the platform bed. Luckily Mikey and I are 5'6, the same length as the interior of the vehicle. In other words, we fit! Hopefully Sesame won't mind sleeping by our feet.

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