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Let Me Out Of Here!

One thing that Honda did not consider when designing the Element is that people living in the vehicle and sleeping in the back may need to get out. It is inconvenient to crawl across the platform bed to the side doors and squeeze out. The back door is the logical exit, however it has no inside latch to release the door. Trapped!

A YouTube video (second one in sequence) answered my questions about what to do. In less than half an hour I installed my own latch. To do so I took off the plastic door panel, attached some chord to the latch mechanism that opens the gate, ran it through the panel, cozied it in shrink-wrap so when it rubs against the door slot it does not fray, and then drilled a hole for the chord to come out where I placed a ball on the end to make it easy to pull on. Viola! The new latch release that lets us release the door from the inside.

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